Authorized Weld Center

Custom Welded Band Saw Blade Solutions

Our partnership with the L.S. Starrett Company, as an authorized weld center, allows us to provide you the unique ability to order custom cut and welded band saw blades. We are here to offer an easy solution to ordering custom welded band saw blades in a quick and economical way, to fit your needs.

Welded to Length

Through our weld center we are able to custom build a blade to any size, up to the quarter of an inch. We offer custom welded, to length, band saw blades, from high end brands including Lenox, Starrett and Simonds. We can custom build a variety of blade types including carbide tipped, bi-metal, carbon, wand a few other blade types.

Bi-metal Blades

The Bi-Metal blades are the most cost-effective metal cutting band saw blades. Using a high-speed steel tooth tip along with a flexible alloy steel backing material, these blades last longer and cut faster for multi-purpose cutting.

Carbon Steel Blades

The carbon steel band saw blades can be used to cut a wide range of materials including carbon steels, aluminum, and even abrasive materials similar to fiberglass and wood. This blade gives an economical option for general purpose and utility band sawing applications.

Carbide Tipped Blades

Get premium performance with carbide tipped band saw blades. These carbide blades provide faster cutting and longer life expectancy, in a wide variety of sawing applications. Above all, nothing outlasts these high-performance backing steel and optimized carbide tipped blades.

Woodworking Blades

We offer a variety of premium wood cutting blades perfect for any sawmill. These blades are designed specifically for high demand sawmill and resaw applications. Achieve straighter cuts at higher band speeds with our custom woodworking blades.

Our passion is precision, so we ensure that each item is carefully quality checked before leaving our shop. We are proud of the quality and value of each and every one of the blades that we weld. Give our custom welded band saw blade service a try, you will not regret your decision!

When It Comes to Band Saw Blades, Accuracy Matters.

Go with a customized band saw blade solution, with our authorized weld center, and see why our passion is precision.

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